The NAV has issued 30 commemorative medallions since 1949. Many different subjects have been commemorated, see a full listing of the medallions issued below along with Carlisle numbers where available. Several of the more recent medallions are still available for sale.

No.YearCarlisle NumberDescription
11949(C-1949/5) First Australian Copper Tradesmen’s Token Centenary
21951(C-S/2) Victorian Separation – Centenary and Australian Federation – Golden Jubilee
31953(C-1953/8)Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
41954(C-1954/14) First Australian Steam Railway Centenary
51956(C-1956/6)Melbourne Olympic Games
61959(C-1959/4)Melbourne General Post Office Centenary
71960(C-1960/4)Burke & Wills Expedition Centenary
81962(C-1962/2) Papua – 60th Anniversary of Australian Administration
91963(C-G/5) Holey Dollar & Dump Sesquicentenary
101964(C-1964/4)Melbourne Numismatic Exhibition
111965(C-1965/2) Anzac – Golden Jubilee
121967(C-C/1)James Cook (Explorer Series)
131968(C-G/2)George Bass (Explorer Series)
141969(C-J/1) John Oxley (Explorer Series)
151969(C1969/10) First England / Australia Flight – Golden Jubilee
161970(C-C/4)Charles Sturt (Explorer Series)
171971(C-1971/12)Numismatic Association of Victoria – Silver Jubilee
181977(C-1977/9)Queen Elizabeth II - Silver Jubilee; NAV – 500th Meeting
191979(C-1979/9)Captain Cook – Bicentenary of death
201980(C-1980/33) Melbourne International Exhibition Centenary
211981(C-1981/12) Marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
221985(C-1985/21Victoria Sesquicentenary
231986(C-1986/33) Halley’s Comet
241988Australia Bicentenary
251990Anzac – 75th Anniversary
261996Numismatic Association of Victoria – Golden Jubilee
271999First Australian Copper Tradesmen’s Token Sesquicentenary (Box)
282006Numismatic Association of Victoria – Diamond Jubilee
292008Centenary of Scouting
302015Centenary of Gallipoli

Carlisle numbers are listed in the two editions of Les Carisle’s work on Australian medals and medallets.

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