The Numismatic Association of Victoria was founded in 1946 and its aims and activities have largely remained unchanged over the years. Members are invited to attend our monthly meetings and receive our quarterly journal.

Our Purposes

  • To encourage the study of Numismatics in all its branches
  • To represent generally the views and interests of Numismatists
  • To provide education in the field of Numismatics
  • To encourage sound and methodical collecting practices
  • A Timeline of the NAV

    The Numismatic Society of Victoria is Founded

    February 16, 1914

    In 1914 a small group of interested numismatists met to form the Numismatic Society of Victoria, the very first organised numismatic group in Victoria.

    The First Meeting

    February 24, 1914

    The Numismatic Society of Victoria holds it’s first meeting.

    The last meeting of the Numismatic Society of Victoria

    February 4, 1929

    The N.S.V holds it’s last monthly meeting.

    Affiliation with Historical Society of Victoria

    July 1, 1931

    After declining membership (since 1928) it was decided to affiliate with the Historical Society of Victoria

    Disaffiliation from Historial Society

    March 24, 1944

    The Numismatic Society of Victoria disaffiliates from the Historical Society of Victoria

    The NAV is Founded

    May 17, 1946

    Numismatic Society of Victoria (NAV) was founded in 1946. The NAV held it’s first meeting, by the end of first year membership stood at 90. Meetings were held at the Victorian Railways institute followed by Kurrajong House on Collins Street.

    First Medallion Struck

    January 1, 1949

    First Medallion Struck

    In 1949 the NAV struck it’s first commemorative medallion for the 100th anniversary of the first Australian copper token.

    Meeting Place Moved

    July 1, 1950

    Meetings moved to the National Gallery on Latrobe street.

    Membership Declines

    January 1, 1955

    Mid 1950’s saw membership decline and then pickup in the 60’s as Australia moved towards a big change in numismatics.

    Decimal Changeover

    February 14, 1966

    1966 saw Australia change to decimal currency and numismatic interest peaked with society membership rising steadily. Towards the changeover meetings were held twice a month.

    Membership Peaks

    December 31, 1967

    By 1967 membership peaked at 302 due to the decimal changeover and interest in the new currency.

    25th Anniversary

    May 1, 1971

    25th Anniversary

    May 1971 celebrated the 25th anniversary of the NAV with a BBQ and dinner at the then Presidents house Mr Frank Heard.

    500th Meeting

    April 5, 1977

    500th Meeting

    The 500th meeting was attended by approximately 500 members and visitors –a record for the association.

    Meetings Moved

    January 1, 1990

    In 1990 meetings moved to the State Government Building, Treasury Place.

    January 1, 1994

    Meetings were held in the Australian Postal Institute building on Lonsdale street.

    50 Years!

    May 17, 1996

    50 Years!

    On the 50th anniversary of the NAV in 1996 two members received awards for 50 years continuous membership -Ian Young and Don Wicks.

    Meetings Moved to The Celtic Club

    May 1, 1997

    The May 1997 meeting of the NAV was moved to the current location, the Celtic Club.

    Diamond Jubilee

    May 17, 2006

    Diamond Jubilee

    1000th Meeting

    April 19, 2013

    1000th Meeting

    The NAV held it’s 1,000th meeting!