The NAV has issued over 30 commemorative medallions since 1949. Many different subjects have been commemorated as can be seen from the full listing of the medallions issued below. Carlisle numbers, where available, have been provided.

Several of the more recent medallions are available for sale.

No.YearCarlisle NumberDescription  
11949(C-1949/5) First Australian Copper Tradesmen’s Token Centenary
21951(C-S/2) Victorian Separation – Centenary and Australian Federation – Golden Jubilee
31953(C-1953/8)Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
41954(C-1954/14) First Australian Steam Railway Centenary
51956(C-1956/6)Melbourne Olympic Games
61959(C-1959/4)Melbourne General Post Office Centenary
71960(C-1960/4)Burke & Wills Expedition Centenary
81962(C-1962/2) Papua – 60th Anniversary of Australian Administration
91963(C-G/5) Holey Dollar & Dump Sesquicentenary
101964(C-1964/4)Melbourne Numismatic Exhibition
111965(C-1965/2) Anzac – Golden Jubilee
121967(C-C/1)James Cook (Explorer Series)
131968(C-G/2)George Bass (Explorer Series)
141969(C-J/1) John Oxley (Explorer Series)
151969(C1969/10) First England Australia Flight – Golden Jubilee
161970(C-C/4)Charles Sturt (Explorer Series)
171971(C-1971/12)Numismatic Association of Victoria – Silver Jubilee
181977(C-1977/9)Queen Elizabeth II - Silver Jubilee; NAV – 500th Meeting
191979(C-1979/9)Bicentenary of the Death of Captain Cook
201980(C-1980/33) Melbourne International Exhibition Centenary
211981(C-1981/12) Marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
221985(C-1985/21Victoria Sesquicentenary
231986(C-1986/33) Halley’s Comet
241988Australia Bicentenary
251990Anzac – 75th Anniversary
261996Numismatic Association of Victoria – Golden Jubilee
271999First Australian Copper Tradesmen’s Token Sesquicentenary (Box)
282006Numismatic Association of Victoria – Diamond Jubilee
292008Centenary of Scouting
302015Centenary of Gallipoli
312018Centenary of Last Australian VC of WWI

Carlisle numbers are listed in the two editions of Les Carisle’s work on Australian medals and medallets.

Carlisle, L J, Australian Commemorative Medals and Medalets from 1788, B & C Press, Sydney, 1983

Carlisle, L J, Australian Historical Medals 1788 – 1988, Sydney, 2008

A small article, entitled “All Our Own Work“, discussing some the NAV’s medallions, appeared in the 1988 edition of the Australian Numismatist, the NAV’s journal at that time. This is available as a PDF by selecting the cover image.

A more in depth article appeared in the 1996 edition of the Australian Numismatist, from which some of the information here has been sourced.