Medallion No. 14


Image courtesy of Downies



Die Sinkers


Numbers Struck


Release Price


K. G. Luke & Sons, Melbourne

K. G. Luke & Sons, Melbourne

50 mm

100 Sterling Silver

150 Copper with Bronze Toning

$15.50 Sterling Silver

$5.50 Copper with Bronze Toning

Original Order Form for Oxley Explorer Medallion
Reverse of Order Form for Oxley Explorer Medallion


All medals are individually numbered. It was originally intended that 320 medals would be struck at the following figures:

Sterling Silver                                     30

Copper with Silver Oxidising               130

Copper with Bronze Toning                 160

As we were having difficulty in selling our previous medals, these figures were modified to just the two metals shown above. Silver and Bronze medals were presented to the living senior members of the Oxley family. There is an unnumbered bronze strike as well as lead pulls of the obverse and the reverse.

Editors note: Again accuracy with dates seemed to be an issue with this production. Although Oxley’s date of birth hasn’t been established we do know he was baptised at Bulmer in Yorkshire on 6th July 1784, so 1785 is clearly in error here.