Medallion No. 16


Image courtesy of Downies


Die Sinkers


Numbers Struck


Release Price


See note

N. Olsen, Adelaide

50 mm

75 Sterling Silver

125 Copper with Bronze Toning

$15.50 Sterling Silver

$5.00 Copper with Bronze Toning


Original Order Form for Sturt Explorer Medallion
Reverse of Order Form for Sturt Explorer Medallion


All medals are individually numbered. One lead strike exists of the obverse and reverse together. With the obverse of the medal, we made exactly the same mistake as the PMG and everyone else connected with the Famous Explorers on Postage Stamps: we used a portrait of Sturt’s father in mistake for the son’s. The only one of note to use the correct portrait was a wine firm in the Murray River Valley. The reverse inscription was composed by Ray Jewell.