We Meet Monthly

The Morwell Numismatic Society meets monthly from February to December each year. Our meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7.30pm at the Christian Community Church in Morwell. Visitors are always welcome

Christian Community Church
5-7 McDonald St,
Morwell, Victoria

Upcoming events:

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It is the purpose of the Society to encourage and further the interest in the study, research and knowledge of Coins, Banknotes and all other matters pertaining to money, and to promote an interchange of collecting and study interest between members. The Society also associates with similar Societies state wide.


Activities include discussions on coins and notes by members with a monthly theme of a particular item, new issues of coins and banknotes. Competitions, including general knowledge quizzes maintain a full evening. The annual meeting is generally held every July. The December meeting is a social evening for Family and friends with guest speakers from members and other societies.

History of the Morwell Numismatic Society

The club held its inaugural meeting on the 17 May 1965 with President Derrick Darby and Secretary Kevin Barr.

The club issued its first newsletter on 18 October 1965, with a membership of 54 at the time.

The Society has one life member and continues to be a regular contributor at Art & Craft and Collectable shows and expos.

In 2015 the club celebrated its 50th Anniversary and continues to keenly promote the hobby to the wider public.


A newsletter is sent out every month with articles on coins and notes. The newsletter includes information on meeting place, time and date, and other news items pertaining to the hobby.

Members also receive a copy of the Victorian Numismatic Journal, a joint publication issued quarterly in conjunciton with other Victorian numismatic societies.


Identification and information of coins and notes will be undertaken by members for free. A great variety of books are in the hands of members to help with research and valuations.

Club Medallions & Cinderella Banknotes

During the 50 plus years the Society has issued a number of Medallions and Cinderella banknotes, generally for its members.

In 1979 a Porcelain Medal was issued to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Morwell, this medal was made available to the wider public.

Morwell Numismatic Society Office Holders

President Secretary 
Mr Derrick Darby1965 - 1970Mr Kevin Barr1965 - 1967
Mr George Ulph1970 - 1971Mr Ivan McFarlane1967- 1969
Mr Kevin Barr1971 – 1978Mrs M Schultz1969 – 1971
Mr Michael Wade1978 - 1982Mr Derrick Darby1971 - 1978
Mr Jack Hewson1982 - 1983Mr Kevin Barr1978 – 1983
Mr Jim Parise1983 - 1985Mr Tilo Junge1983 - 1985
Mr Eugene Binz1985 - 1988Mr Dick Junge1985 - 2001
Mr Peter Hill1988 - 1996Mr Gary Patten2001 - 2004
Mr Frank Pye1996 - 2002Mr Colin Cook2004 -2008
Mr Peter Newell2002 - 2006Mr Tony Hoffman2008 - 2011
Mr Gary Patten2006 - 2011Mrs Jill Holloway2011 - 2013
Mr Tilo Junge2011 -Mr Vince Verheyen2013 -

Contact the Morwell Numismatic Society

The Morwell Numismatic Society can be reached using the contact form on this page. Alternatively you can mail us as the following address:

Morwell Numismatic Society
PO Box 432
Moe, Vic 3825

Download our membership form here.