Medallion No. 28


Event Commemorated

This medallion was issued to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the NAV in May 2006.

Organised numismatics in Victoria had commenced with the foundation of the Numismatic Society of Victoria (NSV) in 1914.  After initial success, it fell on hard times and in 1931 it affiliated with the Historical Society of Victoria.  Following the end of World War II, numismatists in Victoria formed the Numismatic Association of Victoria (NAV) in 1946, with the first meeting being held on 17 May.  Although it saw itself as the successor of the NSV, the decision was made to make a fresh start.

The interest in numismatics at that time was sufficient for membership to be well in excess of 100 before the end of the second year.  The increased interest in Australia’s coinage that came about with the impending change to decimal currency in the mid 1960s saw a dramatic increase in the membership of the NAV, as well as the founding of other numismatic societies.


This 38 mm diameter medallion was designed by Terry Pepperell and struck by George Friml at Ivanhoe (a suburb of Melbourne) in three metals:

¨                  Florentine bronze                       (60 pieces)

¨                  Silver plated bronze                   (30 pieces)

¨                  Sterling silver                              (12 pieces)

The obverse design features the badge of the NAV (the same die as used for the NAV’s 50th anniversary medallion in 1996).

The reverse features a diamond enclosing the numerals “60” (both indicating the diamond jubilee of the NAV) as well as the years 1946 (the founding year) and 2006 (the 60th anniversary year).

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