Medallion No. 13


Image courtesy of Downies


Die Sinkers


Number Struck


Release Price


K. G. Luke & Sons, Melbourne

K. G. Luke & Sons, Melbourne

50 mm

160 Sterling Silver

160 Bronze

$8.00 Sterling Silver

$4.00 Bronze

Original Order Form for Bass Explorer Medallion


All medals are individually numbered. This is the only medal of the NAV where the artist’s plaster cast still exists. A bronze medal was presented to Rod Searle for his help in information about the ships. Two lead strikes of the obverse and reverse were in our Archives but went astray. A Gilt piece and a Polished Bronze piece appeared in an Auction in 1992; we have never produced them. A Gilded piece appeared in 1993; this was not our production either.

Editors note: Although great care has been taken to date voyages on the reverse it’s disappointing that no one seemed to check the dates on the obverse. For the record George Bass was born on 30th January 1771. He went missing in 1803 and his body has never been found, so the death date of 1808 is likely inaccurate too.