New Book: Matthew Boulton’s Naval Medals by Sim Comfort

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British American numismatist Sim Comfort has produced a new book that looks at the Navel Medals produced by British industrialist Matthew Boulton. In addition to a number of medals commemorating Nelson it also includes a detailed examination of the Otaheite (Resolution and Adventure) medal. This medal was conceived by Sir Joseph Banks and was to be presented to people in the lands visited on Captain Cook’s second and third voyages. It’s this medal and the extensive research conducted on its production that will likely make this book attractive to Australian & New Zealand collectors.

Written by a collector for other collectors and museum curators, this work will no doubt prove a valuable reference for all interested parties. It is with the support of Britain’s major museums that this publication has been made possible. ISBN 978-0-905887-11-1

The book comprises 432 pages printed on Munken Arctic Matt White 90 gsm paper, with colour throughout. It is sewn bound as a quarto volume (28.5 cm / 11.25 inches x 22 cm / 8.65 inches) complete with dust wrapper. The limited edition of 500 copies is available for £125.00 plus postage. To order, please email for payment details and shipping costs to