New Book on Numismatic Author Dr. Arthur Andrews

Authors Charles Stitz and Gary Kent have recently published a biography of noted Australian Numismatist, Dr. Arthur Andrews. The Country Surgeon: The life and times of Arthur Andrews of Albury (1848–1925) tells the story of the man famous for his work on Australasian Tokens and Coins. He was also inaugural President of the Numismatic Society of Victoria (the NAV’s predecessor).

Dr Arthur Andrews of Albury was a pioneer local historian and a leader in the early study of Australasian tokens and coins. Yet until now his story has been largely overlooked. His histories of Albury and the Upper Murray and his handbook of tokens and coins, published more than a century ago, are still used today. Dr Andrews was also an exceptionally public-spirited person and this book describes his pivotal role in the growth and development of his adopted town.

In recording the detail of his life, The Country Surgeon illuminates the lives and day-to-day preoccupations of his fellow citizens in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Book can be ordered direct from the publisher, Australian Scholarly Publishing for $59.95 plus postage.