The Mystery of the Melbourne & Hobsons Bay Railway Medallion

Listed in Carlisle[1] as M/6 the Melbourne & Hobsons Bay Railway commemorative medallion is an interesting and somewhat familiar piece. Interesting in that many sources, including Carlisle and Museum’s Victoria, have understandably assumed a much earlier date than when the … Continued

The End of an Era

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As I opened my latest Status International auction catalogue I was dismayed to learn that after over 40 years I.S.Wright are literally closing shop in Melbourne. The shop at 241 Lonsdale Street opened in 1981 after being purchased from Coin … Continued

IAG to sell Klaus Ford estate in 2021

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Those of you that have attended ANDA fairs over the years will be familiar with these distinctive holders. Queensland based IAG have recently announced that they are offering the estate of Melbourne based dealer, the late Klaus Ford, for sale … Continued

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