Numismatic Literature Sale

You might want to clear your bookshelves in preparation for our next auction, which is set to be a bumper sale of Numismatic Literature. With over 120 lots covering a wide range of numismatic topics, it is to be held on 19th October as a major part of our October meeting. A full listing is now available on on Auctions page, but some of the highlights include:

  • Roman Coins by John Kent, Max and Albert Hirmer
  • Athenian Coinage 480-449 B.C., Chester G. Starr
  • A History of Currency in South Africa, E.M. Shaw
  • A Catalogue of Indian Coins in the British Museum, Gupta Dynasties by John Allan
  • Catalogue of Coins Collected by Maulvi Hakim Habibar Rahman Khan Akhunzada of Dacca, N.K. Bhattasali
  • World War II Allied Military Currency, Raymond S. Toy & Carlton F. Schwan (4th Edition, 1974)
  • World War II Axis Military Currency – 1967 Illustrated Edition, Raymond S. Toy & Bob Meyer.
  • The Silver Dollars of North and South America, Wayne Raymond (Whitman, 2nd Edition 1939)