Over 100 years of numismatic history

Technology is finally shedding some light on the early history of numismatics in Victoria. The Numismatic Society of Victoria (NSV) was the forerunner to the NAV and was founded in 1914. A number of leading numismatists formed the society, with Dr. Arthur Andrews as Provisional President. Dr. Andrews would later go on to write the definitive reference for Australiasian Tokens.

Now the archives of the NSV are being opened, with the minutes of those early meetings being digitised for posterity. The first volume, from February 1914 through to February 1915, is now available by selecting the image to left. Whether you’re a researcher or just keen on learning of the association’s past, you are free to admire the penmanship and look in to what fascinated Australian collectors before the Melbourne Mint had even started striking silver coinage for circulation.